With a long history, Mikx B.V. transformed over the years into a wholesaler of outdoor, hunting and sport shooting gear such as air guns, revolvers, bows, clothing and knives. Also ‘new’ products such as airsoft, receive lots of attention at Mikx.On this page you will find a wide range of brands that are represented by Mikx, including world famous brands such as Beretta, Gamo, Weihrauch, Sako, Tika, Eley and CCI.

Developer and manufacturer of silencers for rifles, rimfire and air guns. In business since 1999 and located south of the Norwegian capital of Oslo.

Founded on one location in Barcelona Spain, GAMO is developing and producing for more than 60 years air rifles, air pistols and pellets.

Air rifles and air pistols “Made in Germany“. Perfection and innovation are the aims WEIHRAUCH live up to during the production process.

Italian brand producing guns since the 16th century. Beretta is one of the oldest gun manufacturers in Europe and the rest of the world.

Danish company developing and producing airsoft rifles, pistols, ammunition and accessories.

A Taiwanese enterprise specialized in the design andproduction of archery, crossbows and accessories.

RCBS was founded in 1943 by Fred T. Huntington in Oroville, California and is producing top quality reloading equipment.

UK factory founded in the beginning of the 19 nd century, producing Olympic quality sport shooting .22lr. rimfire ammunition.

American ammunition manufacturer, founded in 1951. Nowadays the market leader on .22 rimfire cartridges, due to innovativeness and ingenuity.

CBC Magtech
The ammunition choice of the Dutch Army. Huge caliber offer with many bullet options. Cases are extremely good reloadable.

Finnish company founded in the 20`s of the 20 th century. Manufacturer of the world `s most prestigious rifle and ammunition brand. 

Finnish company founded in 1918. Producing high quality rifles for hunting and sporting purposes. Belongs to the Beretta Group.

Since 1904 this ecological and multifunctional oil is an essential instrument for shooters, hunters and fisherman all over the world.

H&N Sport
Precision and accuracy, H&N air rifle and pistol pellets for competition and training distinguish through extreme small test fire groups.

Manufacturer of a wide program of high quality guns for avery good price quality ratio. Started operating in the Czech Republic in the 30 `s of the last century.

Founded in 1951 by the engineers Karl Westinger and Ernst Altenburger. This German company produces Olympic quality air rifles, air pistols and rimfire rifles for sport shooters.

German manufacturer producing top quality guns for sport, match and hunting purposes. The company is founded in 1856 by Julius Gottfried Anschütz and is located un Ulm.

3M Peltor
Develops and producing a wide range of various hearing protectors of extremely high quality. The Peltor electronic is the most popular version.

Federal Premium
Since 1922 Federal Premium Ammunition is producing top quality ammunition for shooters, hunters and for the Law Enforment / Military segment.
And much more… Like Zink-Feuerwerk, MTM Case-Card, Record, UTG Leapers, Stil crin, Sports Match, Hunter Eco, Air Ordnance and VFG Weapon Care…